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The Journey of California Kids Collection: From Spark of Inspiration to Sustainable Fashion Haven

What inspired us to create California Kids Collection? It all began with a simple yet profound realization: the lack of eco-friendly, organic clothing options for kids in our hometown of Ventura, California. As parents ourselves, we were on a mission to fill this gap and provide families with a local destination for sustainable fashion.

The idea took root during our search for brands to feature in our envisioned store in downtown Ventura. To our surprise, we discovered a glaring void in the market for eco-conscious clothing made right here in the USA. This realization served as the catalyst for California Kids Collection, igniting a passion to create a brand that not only catered to children's fashion needs but also prioritized environmental sustainability.

As we delved deeper into our mission, the stars aligned, and we found ourselves surrounded by like-minded partners who shared our vision for a greener, more conscious future. Together, we began to breathe life into California Kids Collection, infusing it with our shared values and commitment to ethical practices.

Central to our brand ethos is the celebration of nature and the great outdoors, which are integral parts of life here on the California coast. Each illustration featured in our collections is lovingly hand-drawn by local artists, inspired by the beauty of our surroundings and the daily moments of wonder we experience in nature. Through our designs, we seek to capture the essence of the California lifestyle – vibrant, adventurous, and deeply connected to the natural world.

For us, California Kids Collection is more than just a clothing brand – it's a manifestation of our daily inspiration to embrace life's green lights, to cherish every moment, and to pursue our dreams with unwavering passion. Our hope is to not only provide families with high-quality, eco-friendly clothing but also to foster a sense of community and shared values among our customers – a CKC Community built on a foundation of sustainability, creativity, and joy.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to grow and evolve, spreading our message of sustainability and style to families far and wide. Together, let's embark on an adventure fueled by passion, purpose, and a love for the planet we call home.

Welcome to California Kids Collection – where eco-friendly fashion meets the California dream. Shop our collections of baby, toddler, youth and young adult here