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California Kids Collection | Our Story
California Kids Collection | Our Story

Our CKC Values

At California Kids Collection, our values are woven into every thread of our journey. We embrace creativity, sustainability, and the vibrant spirit of the West Coast. Committed to quality, our USA design and made apparel celebrates individuality, fostering a sense of adventure and style for the next generation. We created this line of kids clothing to be #LIVEINIT — go play in the sand, dig in the dirt, do wheelies off a jump, skateboard with your besties, explore the great outdoors while camping... just go do it!

Join us as we redefine children's fashion with passion, purpose, and a dash of California coolness. 😎

Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Siemens | California Kids Collection

CEO: Chief Executive Officer- Jennifer Siemens

Raised beneath the Northern California sun, I roamed free – a typical Gen X kid, no electronics, just endless adventures. Now, as a parent, I yearn to share that freedom with my son. Our mission at California Kids Collection is to inspire others to break free from screens and embrace the great outdoors. We're part of the 3% crafting apparel in the USA, prioritizing sustainability by using organic cotton and recycled materials. Each design encapsulates the enchantment of nature, and my purpose is to deliver these inspirations to you. Join us in preserving our planet, one eco-friendly step at a time. ✌🏼

CTO: Chief Trend Officer - Dane Trossman

Greetings! I'm your Chief Trend Officer, here to keep our brand on the cutting edge of style. As the trendsetter for California Kids Collection, I ensure that all kids, from babies to teenagers, are always sporting the latest in cool, adventure-worthy, sustainable fashion. Explore our USA design and made kids' clothing collections and join us in staying effortlessly stylish! See you on the trails! 🤙🏼

Chief Trend Officer, Dane Trossman | California Kids Collection

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