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Brain Food Tee | Teen


Introducing the California Kids Collection Brain Food Avocado Tee – a blend of whimsy, health, and West Coast charm for your little one's wardrobe! Fuel your teen's (or your) imagination with this delightful tee that seamlessly combines comfort, playfulness, and the nutritious allure of everyone's favorite superfood – the avocado.

Brain Food Avocado Style: Let your teen's creativity flourish with our California Kids Collection Brain Food Avocado Tee. Featuring an adorable avocado graphic, this tee is not just a style statement; it's a celebration of healthy habits and the vibrant, nutrient-rich spirit of California living.

Comfort : Designed and crafted in the USA from sustainable 50% Organic Cotton + 50% RPET (made from plastic bottles) fabric, this incredibly soft tee ensures you stay comfortable during playtime, mealtime, and all the adventures in between. The breathable fabric keeps them cool, while the whimsical design adds a dash of fun to their everyday wardrobe.

Vibrant and Nutrient-Rich Colors: Available in a palette inspired by the lush hues of avocados, our tee brings a burst of freshness to your teen's closet. It mirrors the natural goodness of California's agricultural bounty!

West Coast Whimsy: Infuse your teen's wardrobe with the playful and nutritious charm of California's avocados. Whether you're a local or simply appreciate the goodness of this superfood, the Brain Food Avocado Tee is a stylish way for your little one to express their love for healthy living.

Nourish your teen's sense of style and imagination with the California Kids Collection Brain Food Avocado Tee. Order now and let your teen indulge in the fun and flavor of West Coast living! 

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